The following items are in the HNGS Archives and are being scanned for posting as PDFs on the site.

 ANCESTRAL CHARTS - 1776-1976 of South Central Pennsylvania
   GenealogicaL Society, donated by Mary Woodruff Hamilton, #209 .

 BATEMAN - Descendants of Dr. Elisha Bateman, compiled by Paule
   Bateman, 198O, submitted by Thelma Hamilton Cassidy #228 .

 CAMPBELL - Historical Sketches of the Campbell , Pilcher and Kindred
   Families, by Margaret Campbell Pilcher, submitted by Nancy
   Hamilton Stanbery, #783. Loose xerox pages .

 CAMPBELL - Origin and History of the Name of Campbell , 1906.

 COOKE - History of Cooke Family - Maternal Ancestor of Lucy Gholson
   Bush, submitted by Jane Hamilton Schofield, #7 .

 Covenators - Excerpts for Battle of Bothwell Bridge/Pentlandd Rising
   - "A Holiday History of Scotland " by Ronald Hamilton, and many
   other references, submitted by Elizabeth Hebb, #579.

 GEORGIA - Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol . III , Serite J, March,
   1967 , donated by Mary Woodruff Hamilton, #209.

 HAMILTON - A genealogy of the Descendents of Hugh Hamilton, 1921, by
   James Alexander Hamilton, contributed by Ida DeVenny Fritsch,

 HAMILTON - Account of the Families of Birnie and Hamilton of
   Broomhill, by John Birnie, Esq., donated by w. Clay Hamilton, Jr.,

 HAMILTON - Alexander Hamilton, A Biography in His Own Words , 2 VoI . ,
   donated by Thelma C. Hayles of Mt. Plesant, TX.

 HAMILTON - Alphabetical listing of Hamilton's which was compiled by
   Elsie Swan Davison and Mrs. Agnes Osgoo, 1928, submitted by #45 .

 HAMILTON - Ancestry and descendants of Alexander Hamilton, Patriot,
   submitted by Ida DeVenny Fritsch #458 .

 HAMILTON - Andrew, b. 29 Apr 1854, Lansingburg, Rennselaer Co., NY,
   by Jessie R. Walker, submitted by Harold Rader, #5OO.

 HAMILTON - Calhoun, Hamilton, Barkin and Related Families, compiIed
   by Lewin Dwinell McPherson, A.B., A.M., 1957, 446 xerox pages
   copied and donated by W. Clay Hamilton, Jr., #1 . two sections.

 HAMILTON - Descendants of Andrew and Elizabeth Rhoades Hamilton,
   contributed by Vicki Hamilton Schmidt, #692.

 HAMILTON - Gavin of Calvert County Maryland to Ninian Bell Hamilton,
   compiled by Dolores Miltenberger, #96 .

 HAMILTON - Hamilton Descendants and Their Kin by Mildred M.
   Schaffer, #35.

 HAMILTON - Hamilton Genealogical Data, by Russell David Hamiltonn,
   #99. Excerpted from THE CONNECTOR and sold by Society.

 HAMILTON - Hamilton Research by Elsie Swan Davison, 1938,
   contributed by Agnes Hamilton Osgood, #45.

 HAMILTON - John and Catherine Miller HAMILTON of Canadad and Iowa,
   contributed by Mrs . Carl H. Zimmerman, #166.

 HAMILTON - North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865, contributed by Ida
   DeVenny Fritsch, #438.

 HAMILTON - OF Monongalia and Preston Counties, (Nest) Virginia and
   Fayette and Greene Cos., PA, contributed by James D. Baldwin, III,
   #56O "Descendants of GAVIN-l (163_-1698)" and "William Hamilton
   (174_-l796), and brothers Archibald, James, John and Henry, in
   seven parts.

 HAMILTON - Research on the Name of Hamilton, compiled by Mrs. Agnes
   Hamilton Osgood, #45 , and Hamilton W. Thom.

 HAMILTON - Samuel Hamilton and his descendants ca. 1740 to 1977 ,
   compiled by Ruth Hamilton Seckman.

 HAMILTON - The Descendants of Benjamin J. Hamilton, by Dorothy S.
   Hunt Jones, #193.

 HAMILTON - The Hamilton Tree of Love, by Jay Martin Hamilton, a
   historical and genealogical collection of Hamilton family data,
   the people and the stories behind them. #800.

 HAMILTON - Your Family Origin and coat of Arms, submitted by Hazel
   M. Deitz, #131.

 HAMILTON -Hambleton Hamilton Etymology, Vol. II, by Jay Hamilton,
   #800 .

 MARRIAGES - Marriage Records of Huerfano County (Walsenburg),
   Colorado, Books 4 & 45, which contain all marriages as copied in
   1979. Submitted by Edith c. Hamilton Todd, #77.

 MEEKER - The Meeker Family of early New Jersey, submitted by #18.

 NAYLOR - Maternal Gradfather of Lois Anne, Mrs. James Lester
   Hamilton, JR., #197.

 SCHAFPER - L.ine of Descent of John Adam Schaffer, 1702-1742,
   submitted by Mildred Schaffer, #35.

 STURTEVANT - Descendants of Samuel Sturtevant, by Robert Hunter
   Sturtevant, 1986, and donated him.

 WHITNEY - The Whitney Family Ancestry of Robert Buckingham Whitney,
   compiled by Colonel Clifford C. Nhitney, 1956.

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