Have you made arrangements for the preservation of your research records and papers? If no one in your family is interested, arrange for a local genealogical society, a research library to receive your papers. Do not waste your valuable years of research by having your family toss your papers in the trash. Tell your family of your wishes, even put it in writing. Secondly, let the beneficiary organization know of your plans. Placing your papers in a library or society will make them available for years to come.

Keep The SSDI Open

Please sign this petition and keep the Social Security Death Index open as a valuable resource for genealogists.

Here's a good explanation from the FGS (Federation of Genealorical Societies).

 A total of 25,000 signatures are needed by March 8, 2012.

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Hamilton Bibliography

Hamilton Bibliography is a bibliography of Hamilton authors and books and periodicals about Hamiltons. This extensive work is contributed by member Malcolm Hamilton. It will be updated periodically

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