The Hamilton National Genealogical Society, Inc. has no affiliation with Halbert's books. We recently received two requests for Halbert's books. Our position is in agreement with the Attorneys General of many states, the Better Business Bureau, various genealogical organizations, etc. that this is not a company to obtain reliable genealogical source material. Halbert's it NOT good genealogical source material, Halbert's is NOT a wise investment of your genealogical research dollars. If you want something from Halbert's, please don't ask us.


Wayne Hamilton of Halbert's, 3687 Ira Road, PO Box 5012, Bath, Ohio 44210 is again soliciting for the SALE of Heirloom Book Offer of "THE NEW WORLD BOOK OF HAMILTON'S". Our daughter received notice, even though she has no phone listing, that she is included in the book. These books usually contain a listing of people named Hamilton garnered from phone listings, etc. with no attempt to provide genealogical or historical data. They are now saying that "their book has some history in it, back to 1648". Please be aware that several injunctions have been filed against this organization. Submitted by Larry Hamilton, Sr., Editor of The Connector, November 6, 1998

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Irish Hamiltons

From: Larry Hamilton, Sr.
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If listers have not seen, or heard of "The Book of Irish Families Great & Small", or The Irish Genealogical Association in Kansas City, MO, suggest you contact them at or write them at Journal of Irish Families, Box 7575, Kansas City, MO 64116. They document where information may be found.
Hamilton is the name of a well known Scottish family planted in Ireland who became prominent after settlement. Note the place name of Monorhamilton in Co. Leitrim. The Hamiltons of Ballymoney are noted in the book 'Families of Ballyrashane' by Mullin.

In older records Claude Hamilton is listed as a Scottish Undertaker in the barony of the Fewes, Co. Armagh, during the Ulster plantation. Sir George Hamilton is found in the precinct of Strabane, Co. Tyrone, and Robert Hamilton is found in the precinct of Magheriboy, in Co. Fermanagh. Sir Alexander Hamilton, of Endervicke, Scotland, was found in Tuyllyhunco, in Co. Caven.

Milesian families gives the name in Dublin, Donegal, Downand Cavan arriving in 1640 from Scotland. In the 1890 birth index the name is found in Antrim, Down, Tyrone, and Londonderry. The spelling of Hamiltone was used in the census of 1659 to record the name in County Down. The arms of one James Hamilton, Earl of Clanbrassil, are found in the 'Irish Book of Arms', among 6 listings for the name.

Included in that work is Hamilton-Stubber of Moyne and Castle Fleming of Queens Co., Hamilton of Kellyleagh Castle, Co., Down, Hamialton of Cornacassa, Co. Monaghan, of whom it is said that two brothers came to Ireland together, one settling in Monaghan and the other in Down, and the family of Barret-Hamilton of Kilmanock House, Co. Wexford. The family of Hamilton of Ballymacoll, Co. Meath, are given in the Irish Book of Arms as well.


Please advise them that you saw the review of their book on the Hamilton List at, as submitted by Hamilton National Genealogical Society, Inc.
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